Sunday, November 10, 2013

Visit to London :)

A Visit to Design Museum London.
Visited the Design Museum in London yesterday. 
[excerpt from the Museum book]

It was good to see the "Designers in Residence Programme" which gives young designers a platform to develop and exhibit new work and provides financial support and mentoring in the early, tentative years of design practice. 

This years theme - IDENTITY- has inspired a record response. "We use design to define who we are both as individuals and as societies" wrote Deyan Sudjic, the Director of the Design Museum in the open call. Design is a signal of identity he continued  it can be personal signal or a ready made identity that reflects a sense of civic or national identity. 

The four designers selected by jury to develop their proposals on identity for exhibition at the Design Museum in 2013 are: Adam Nathaniel Furnman, Eunhee Jo, Chloe Meineck and Thomas Thwaites. Their work for the programme is diverse in form, function  material and process but shares an interest in technology. 

A Visit to TATE Modern Gallery.

[excerpt from the gallery book]

Mira Schendel: (1919-88) is a unique and influential figure in 20th century Brazilian art. This exhibition presents the largest display of her work to date, surveying her career from her early paintings during the 1950s to her last, complete series in 1987.

Schendel was prolific and complex artist, yet she remains comparatively little-known outside Brazil. Her work constitutes an experimental investigation into profound philosophical questions relating to human existence and belief, often addressing the distinction between faith and certainty and examining ideas of being, existence and the Void. Schendel saw her work as activating the void thus poised between being and nothingness.

It was great to see how Schendel was extending her art into different mediums and techniques and that influences the space and environment of the spectator.

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