Monday, February 20, 2017

"As I grew up..." Solo Exhibition

Srishti M.Cra - Creative Art Practise student Members, Anvit Kaur, Priya Gupta and Shashvath M M have curated an exhibition of my work "As I grew up" [based on my memories] at the Painting Studio in Srishti Institute, N5 campus at Yelahanka, Bangalore.  The show was from 10th February 2017 until 17th February 2017
Following are the Curators’ Note: 
Jayesh’s paintings are about pure innocence and curiosity. He still carries with him those days and moments of discovery and conversations with nature. These are moments of pure ecstasy where the artist is immersed in sensations of the world around him. The sensibility communicated in the exchange with the artist has been given the highest regard. The truth of work is not just in the image but what it is trying to say. As curators we felt free to experiment as we see this as an opportunity for Srishti students and faculty to experience the work of a fellow and friend but at the same time we had to be very gentle when curating this work that gives us such intimate insight in to Jayesh’s memories.
Avnit, Priya, Shashwath
with the curators: Priya, myselfAvnit, Shashwath

Saturday, February 11, 2017

B.Des Illustration at Srishti Institute

2017 started with an illustration unit at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore for the B.Des students. It was great guiding them and seeing the progression in their conceptual thinking skills, story telling, drawing skills, material /medium usage and their ability to see illustration as a medium of communication rather than just drawing. With the help and support from the fellow illustration facilitators - Manasee Jog & Satyajit Roy, our students put up an exhibition of their works on the last day of the unit. Sharing some of the images from the exhibition, and many thanks to Manasee and Satyajit for their support.

Satyajit Roy, Manasee Jog, myself. Photo credit: Neha Karmakar.


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