Sunday, January 25, 2009

My village and My city.

I don’t know when is the last time I saw the shining stars, the moon, and the floating white pillows in the sky. I can’t remember when is the last time I really had a chat with them, and laugh at them...

Being a part of the city life am very fast. Am running fast all the time... The situations, circumstances, everything pushing me to function like machine.

The only worry is that, am really missing that singing of my loving birds. When I was a kid in my village I really look at them, I studied them and they really inspired me… My mom always tells that I will become a bird watcher in my life... but that didn’t happen. I love to be in a world to draw the things that inspired me.

There are lots of people who really got a chance to enjoy the beauty of these fascinating wonders of nature. But as being part of the city life when they are going for a team outing, I can see people who are saying “awesome”, “awesome lake”. But the fact is that all of these awesome things in the city are not with natural beauty. When they were kid and when they were enjoying these natural beauties at their village they don’t even say anything. You know, they just jump in to the river and enjoying their life and become a part of that river.

Everything is Mechanical. Instead of my birds, butterflies and natural wind, there come the world discoveries as, computers, mouse, keypad, laptops and Mobiles. I can here the sound of that machines everyday.

I don’t know, am just comparing these two. For a living we have to combine both. But there are certain people they prefer to live only with the real natural beauty. Don’t think they don’t have any ambition or any purpose in their life… yes they have... Live a life with peace of mind and love others… and serve others… of-course that is their aim.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There is only one way to be born, but there are 100 ways to Die...

Last week when i was just thinking about something, abruptly “life” is come in to my mind. What is life…What you want from life… What you will get from life… and what would be the final stage.. and how it will be… these are the distressing factors which came in to my mind.

What i understand so far is, when you born or at the time of birth.. there would be an extreme silence… you can visualize that… the complete silence… but in the course of life each and every person will struggle a lot to get a better life… yes every day we are aiming at a good future… that means every day is dying…we are looking at future…and dying every day… someone will become a good designer, someone will become a doctor, engineer, manager, priest…
What is the final stage of all these…? The extreme silence…the complete blankness.

When somebody is not ready to struggle… and not willing to live… and he doesn’t have any ambition to live… they are escaping from all these struggles and going to the extreme emptiness very early…


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