Thursday, July 15, 2010

Outdoor Sketches

Pondicherry: Just Another Trip.

Puducherry (Tamil: புதுச்சேரி Putuccēri; French: Poudouchéry), formerly known as Pondicherry, is a Union Territory of India. It is a former French colony, consisting of four non-contiguous enclaves, or regions, and named after the largest region, Puducherry. The territory was officially known as Pondicherry until 2006 when it was renamed Puducherry.[1][2] Of late, Puducherry is also considered an educational hub of southern India, having 1 central university, 8 medical colleges, 10 engineering colleges, 3 dental colleges, 2 law colleges, 1 veterinary college, 1 agricultural college, 10 arts and science colleges, and 5 polytechnic colleges functioning within its territory.
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Paradise Beach - Pondicherry


Hampi-The ruined city.!
It was a great experience when a group of artist decided to go to Hampi. We did live sketches, paintings, photography etc.

Hampi (Kannada: ಹಂಪೆ Hampe) is a village in northern Karnataka state, India. It is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Predating the city of Vijayanagara, it continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple, as well as several other monuments belonging to the old city. More info can be found --

The site is significant historically and architecturally. The topography abounds with large stones which have been utilized to make larger than life statues of Hindu deities. A structure of historic importance appears every quarter of a mile. The Archaeological Survey of India continues to conduct excavations in the area, to discover additional artifacts and temples.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Hampi... nice to see this post!

  2. awsm ......expcly the first one....i realy like it

  3. absolutely brilliant work on the Hampi sketch! Feels quite lifelike!



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