Friday, November 27, 2009

"heartisans" | show the world yours!

"heartisans" a new brand in India.
I can still remember that evening when Arun (proprietor of heartisans) approached me with a handful of designs and one ambition to create a new brand in India. The brainstorming sessions, discussions, drawings and scribbles everything happened over a cup of coffee.

heartisans™ is an artist’s diary of the world around us – one which we are proud of and its little facets that we would love to change.It is natural for an extra glint to appear in our eyes when we talk of our roots. Each city, town or village in India has something unique, be it her people, food, architecture or festivals.

This heart crafted collection sets out on a journey to help you express or share these experiences and pride.India has always been looked up with great admiration for being the melting pot of various cultures and rich heritage. But we all recognize that there is lot more contemporary about this country that is worthy of our pride.

heartisans™ will also appeal to tourists who visit different parts of India and would like to show off a fragment of their sweet memories in a vibrant medium.

Apart from buying this for yourself, this collection is also an ideal gift for your near and dear ones to celebrate Indian diversity like never before.

heartisans™ is brought to you in association with, the pioneers in online customized merchandise in India. To know more about how you can create and order your own customized products, please visit
DilSeBol strives for providing flexibility and convenience to its users without imposing conditions like minimum quantities, color restrictions etc – in keeping with this, DilSeBol gives you an option to select or upload whatever design you want on whichever medium you prefer. This means that you can have your t-shirt designs printed on your aprons or mugs or any of the other products! Truly dilsebol!
Please visit to check out the designs of heartisans™!


  1. nice intro...really nice pics and also very well juxtapositioned with the text. i loved that colourful pic in the black background. awesome. even the heartisans logo on black bg was really good..
    nice one!



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