Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monster Kids - illustrated font.

I remember, that was a weekend, and a friend of mine, invited me to his house for lunch. When I went there I could see that he was doing one painting. After the dine we both sat for sometime and we were looking at his painting.

Inspired by his activity even I felt like sketching something. I took some Indian ink, a brush and a sheet of paper from his account. And I started scribbling something, some types and images. I don’t know, the letters formed the shapes of some creatures. I can call them as “monsters”, but somehow very childish character they had. I felt very interesting when I continue to create more and more monsters from all the alphabets. I filled my paper with full of different monster. But still they are all letters.

After I came back from my friend’s house I continued to do the same thing as creating more and more monsters from all the letters. At last I could realize that I have completed a glyph of English font and named it as “Monster Kids”

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