Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OPSBUDS - Wall Mural and Brand Promotion [M.G. Road, Bangalore]

Here is my latest illustration with Opsbuds Solutions for their office wall graphics and brand promotions.  

Opsbuds is a customer experience enrichment (CEE) and market research (MR) organisation. They focus on helping you maintain positive relationships with your customers during every interaction.

Opsbuds Wall Mural Illustration
From Opsbuds point of view;
Every instance a customer experiences a brand is a “moment of truth” that can help enhance or depreciate customer perception, impacting Customer Lifetime Value. All customer interfaces - personal, contact center and web build this perception of the brand.
Our proprietary solution builds an ecosystem that enables your organisation to enrich customer experience now.

Opsbuds brand extension and promotion

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